Hunter Guide


  • Valid passport (6 months prior to deadline)
  • Tourism visa (in case you need it)
  • Hunting licenses (we will get them if hunter so requires)
  • Authorization of firearms import (to be done at Argentina Consulate) or through ANMAC :
  • Authorization to import firearms to the hunter’s origin country.


  • “El Pampa” owns a great variety of rifles to rent with different calibers (.243 – .270 – .308 – .30,06 – .7mm – .300WM – .338WM – .375HH)
  • For Big Game Hunt it is advisable to use .308 as a minimum caliber.
  • For Small Game Hunt semi automatic shotguns caliber 20/70 and 12/70 with Nº 7, 7 ½ munitions are recommended.


La Pampa has a low humidity index, its climate is moderate and it does not have a particular rainy season.
The seasons in the southern hemisphere are opposite to the seasons in the northern hemisphere, with high temperatures from 30°F to 95°F depending on the season.
Therefore, it is a good destination to escape the cold winters or the summer heat.
In Argentina, during the summer (December, January and February) temperatures rise up to 95°F.
In March, April and May it is moderate, with temperatures around 59°F and 83°F.
As for clothing, comfortable and fresh clothing is recommended for the day and warmer for the morning and night. In June, July and August, the temperature drops a bit and ranges between 30°F and 68°F. Therefore, warm clothes are suggested.


  •  Camouflaged clothes
  • Heavy jacket
  • Walking half boots
  • Swat cap or hat
  • Gloves
  • Raincoat
  • Binoculars
  • Sun protector
  • Photo camera
  • Insect repellent
  • Firearm case
  • Firearms
  • Munitions


Heavy clothes are essential in winter months but they also may be necessary at any time of the year due to the thermal fluctuation magnitude, which is about 17ºC (62,6ºF).

Summer: 21 December – March 20
Autumn: 21 March – 20 June
Winter: 21 June – 20 September
Spring: 21 September – 20 December

The frost period is between April and November. The average yearly humidity is about 50%.
Weather forecast: