El Pampa

Hunting Ranch

“El Pampa Hunting Ranch” is a private field located in the heart of the Pampa (Patagonia Argentina) and run by its own owners. True nature lovers hunters and great connoisseurs of what satisfies a hunter, experience acquired over years of hunting in Argentina and other countries.

The ranch is located 93 miles from Santa Rosa (capital of La Pampa), in the best hunting area for red deer, Indian antelope, lady deer and wild boar. An area of 87,000 acres of open country.

We also have a fenced reserve of more than 2,100 acres with trophies of red deer, buffalo, antelope, fallow deer, rams and other species, being the same part of the management plan for the improvement in the quality of the trophies. .

During your stay in the land of the red deer, you will be assisted at all times; enjoying five-star amenities and excellent food.

“El Pampa Hunting Ranch” is the best choice to achieve an excellent hunting and share unforgettable moments with friends.


Transportation, Lodge, Guide and Qualified Assistance